Phil Larson and Sunless Khan team up!

Sunless Khan, a brand new YouTube channel that has seen almost immediate success, has decided to use Phil Larson Music and music Phil composes for The Story Shop exclusively!

YouTube is a wonderful market to introduce new fans to Phil Larson Music. This channel appeals to fans of the Rocket League video game, a demographic of current teenagers to young millennials. This is a demographic that is passionate about most forms of art, especially music.

In the last 4 weeks, the SunlessKhan YouTube Channel has caught fire and ballooned from about 40 to almost 8,000 subscribers with exponential growth daily. Video views are about 20,000 per day and also experience exponential growth.

The episodic series that initiated the growth is a series called, “Why You Suck at Rocket League.” Currently, there are 4 episodes released with the plan to release a new episode for the series every Friday.

Who is Sunless Khan? That’s a secret this person wants to keep. You can always follow them on Twitter and try to figure it out.

The video below provides a good example of use of music by Phil Larson.

Disclaimer: video contains some PG-13 language.

p.s. If you want to find this article online, go here.

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