Phil Larson Launches Dance Pop Project, Phuturekind

Phuturekind is a chance to scratch an itch. I’ve always loved dance music, which has finally made its way into modern pop music. In fact, dance music is the genre I first got my start with composing and music production. I’m going back to my roots with Phuturekind. However, I’ve never felt I could match the production of radio-friendly dance pop until recently. I feel my skills in both composition and music production are now to a point where I feel fairly satisfied with the quality to pull off this project pretty well. Not perfect, by any means. If I was waiting for perfection, Phuturekind would have never launched.

For Phuturekind, at times I will feature other vocalists and lead singers of bands. At other times, I’ll be the one singing. For this first one, I am providing the lead vocals. This feels very vulnerable to me, but, so far, I’ve gotten pretty good feedback.

My first single, “Hope Is in the Falling Down,” released on January 27, 2018 and has already seen some success on Spotify. I am almost giddy to see where this will go! Thanks for following along!

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Composer Phil Larson Releases Second Album, Believe

On September 21, 2017, Believe was released to the world. This is Phil’s second album and one that challenged him to step up in creativity and in excellence.

On Believe, you’ll find music similar to the cinematic soundtrack compositions of Thomas Bergersen, Mark Petrie, and Audiomachine. Phil hopes to begin solidifying his name among them with this album.

Believe is found on digital stores and streaming services, including, but not limited to:

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Final Believe Art

“Inspire the World” – album by Phil Larson

In December 2016, the first album by Phil Larson was released. It features several favorite tracks and generally follows an inspiring and motivational theme. These songs are to help you feel more uplifted and become excited about your day!

Available for purchase:

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Inspire the World.jpg

More music releases to come soon! Stay tuned.